Sesimbra, Fishing Village

Sesimbra is a wonderful village, by the sea, where the beach, culture and nature merge perfectly. Charming place where you can enjoy various experiences.

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In the village of Sesimbra the beach, culture and nature are mixed. Fine sand beaches, such as Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, considered one of the most beautiful in Portugal, and known worldwide. Its monuments full of history dating back to medieval times, and its beautiful landscape, make Sesimbra the perfect choice to visit.

Places to visit:

Visit Sesimbra, a fishing village, with an imposing castle located by the sea and still retaining its medieval character. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view over the village of Sesimbra and much more.
Stroll along the Marginal and visit the Fortaleza de Santiago, a 17th century monument with a view of the sea and the entire Bay of Sesimbra.

Discover Cabo Espichel, where the wonderful Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Pedra Mua is located or Cabo Espichel Sanctuary, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Here you can also see other monuments linked to the sanctuary, in addition to its landscape over the Atlantic Ocean.

Marvel at the beauty of the Serra da Arrábida, described by many as being “the most beautiful bay in the world”, it is very rich for its flora, of Mediterranean species, such as holm oak, cork oak and oak.
Take a trip through the Tejo Estuary Nature Reserve, and observe the fauna and flora. Enjoy the wildlife and how the countless species of animals live. Delight yourself with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) or as the “Sado dolphins” are known and have a unique experience.

Visit the historic center of Setúbal, Praça de Bocage, pass by the Gothic-Manueline Convent of Jesus that houses the City Museum and the São Filipe Fort, a perfect place to observe the city, the Sado River and the Serra da Arrábida.

Go to Palmela, which with its castle on top of a hill has a breathtaking landscape. And don't leave without first tasting the region's famous Moscatel wine.

All locations presented in the program were previously evaluated, in order to guarantee their accessibility for conditions of reduced mobility.

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