In Portugal, the Accessible Tourism began to be discussed at several conferences and workshops, which warned about the importance of removing barriers and the development of tourist activities accessible to all citizens.

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In Accessible Tourism The Government Institute INR has promoted and created various programs and projects, often through partnerships and cooperation with various public and private entities.
Where can be highlighted:
  • The creation of «Guides Accessible Tourism» with information on the accessibility conditions in buildings and spaces of various entities.
  •  The Edition, in 2007, of «Guia de Referência para Profissionais de Turismo»;
  • The project «Praia Acessível – Praia para Todos»;
  • The conception of a totaly accessible council, Lousã. Being this territorie of high natural potential, landscape, architectural and cultural;
  • Cooperativa Nacional de Apoio ao Deficiente Foundation (CNAD) that has already a long history of efforts in the promotion and development of the Accesibles Tourism in Portugal;
  •  Among others.
We support the increase of inclusive activities and events in Portugal, so that citizens can enjoy the experiences that our country has to offer to their fullest with no obstacles.