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Walking through the coastal area of Olíssipo - Parque das Nações and Oceanário


* Fall in love with the iconic Portuguese capital, Lisbon, for is historical charming and is fascinating magic that surrounds us and touch our soul;
* Learn more about 800 years of different cultural influences that mingle with the most current trends and lifestyles, generating incredibly breathtaking contrasts;
* Come meet Sintra and feel the perfect fusion between the natural wealth and magnificence of its monuments, combined with extreme beauty;
* Let you be dazzled by Cascais coast, which is recognized for its romantic, cosmopolitan and full of animation soul with a unique character;
* Enjoy your stay in a hotel that allows you total accessibility for specific conditions without worries, for the rest of you stay.


All hotels and places featured on the program were previously evaluated, ensuring their accessibility for reduced mobility conditions.

Most beaches mentioned in the program, hold the reward of accessible beach assigned by the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR) and some of them have amphibious chair

Walking through the coastal area of Olíssipo - Parque das Nações and Oceanário.

In the eastern part of Lisbon, reborn as a futuristic glass and concrete neighborhood you will be able to find some notable examples of modern architecture honoring throughout all its omnipotence the oceans and the age of Discoveries conducted by the Lusitanian people.

The Parque das Nações asserts itself as the birthplace of small volcanoes in eruption seeded by its boulevards. Here nests one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, with lush exotic species, lifts that are like little flying birds, undulating architecture and inspiring public art from national and international artists.
Enjoy the most avant-garde side of town and let overwhelm by the delightful sweeping panorama of the Tejo waters, transposed by the longest bridge in Europe (Ponte Vasco da Gama).


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