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Living in Portugal

Dare to live!

Living in Portugal can be a choice to consider when your health condition requires a better quality of life, or when you simply want to relax and enjoy a cosy atmosphere and a mild climate. Now you´ll be able to do it on a permanent basis or for short periods of time, for example, spend a most welcoming winter in lusitanian lands.
You will always be welcome to our country! Portugal is open for tourists and for those who want to become a part of this nation!
Thanks to its mild climate throughout most of the year, its splendid sunlight exposure (country in Europe with more hours of sunshine/year), purifying air quality, diversified gastronomy, high levels of safety and security and good health care, ranked in 12th in the world ranking of WHO in 2000, we truly believe that our country can fulfil your needs and willingness to change.

TourismForAll intends to be your partner and help you seek the right answers to your needs. Thus, we have several partners in the areas of consulting, real estate and construction sectors, which will help you…

- Finding the right home for yourself or the ideal place to build your home;
- Designing your new home or adapting a home to suit your needs, making it fully accessible;
- Equip your home with modern equipment geared to your needs and facilitating your daily life;
- Handle all legal issues related to the purchase, property registration and legalization with the portuguese authorities.

Improving lives, solving problems!

We help you throughout all the process or, if you want to, we undertake to settle it, without you having to worry! We close the deal for you!

If you need any support or care (such as daily hygiene care, meal service at home, health care, laundry care, house cleaning, purchase of goods and services) we do have a complete support service for you at home, provided by professionals with an extensive experience in the area.

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Provide quality services to our clients, meeting their needs and expectations, regardless of their health condition, who wish traveling in or to Portugal,  in  comfort, safety, leisure, accessibility and continuity of their treatments to ensure their well being.

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